Simplify To Magnify

How does one simplify 47 years of belongings?

Sell your home within 24 hours of listing it and accept a 30 day closing!! 

That’ll get ya’ movin’!!

It is not easy to go through 47 years of “stuff.”  Our home was only 1600 sf.  I cannot imagine those with larger homes.  The bigger it is, the more you accumulate.  So glad we moved out of that 3000 sf home before dreaming about this lifestyle.

Most people would say, sell it, have an estate sale, garage sale.  But we are all different.  I am not one of those people willing to hold onto something on the off chance someone will want to buy it one day; nor did we have the time to allow for it.  We had 30 days to get packed up and out.

We did what any other parent would do….we told our kids to come in and take what they wanted.  

Now, this can go one of two ways:  1) They will fight over items because they all want the same things, or 2) They will look around the house and think, “Why would I want any of this old stuff.”

Not that our children stated #2 out loud, but all four of them already had homes established, so other than a few pieces (probably those items that reminded them of, they didn’t want anything.

So, this still left us with a house full of “stuff.”  We started packing containers with items we knew would one day come into our new home.  All the while, keeping in mind that we will be moving into a MUCH smaller place. 

No more collecting 10 coffee mugs, but really only using your one favorite. 

No more 2 sets of everything: plates, bowls, silverware…can’t have it!!! 

7 spatulas….who needs 7!!!!!  And why did I have 7 to begin with!!!

Packing the items that would be going into the camper with us was the best place to start.  Even though we didn’t know which rig we were buying at the time, we knew the size of the rig would be dramatically smaller.  So, we had to be practical.

SIMPLIFY…  NEED vs WANT.    What do you NEED?

Boy that is a tough question!!!  And depending on which one of us you ask, will depend on what the answer is.

I would probably say, “Yes, I NEED those 25 pair of leggings, AND 7 pair of jeans AND 3 pair of yoga pants, AND 5 pair of workout pants AND…..

You get the picture.  

I went through my closet 4 times and still have the items above…….if you saw the size of the closet I use and the size of the closet Mike uses, you would be amazed (or would you???  Don’t woman always collect more clothing than necessary?)

But, do I NEED them?

The answer is, NO!

Simplify!!!  (if only I could take my own advice…….. )

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