Drinking the Kool-Aid

Our 1st Rally

Know the feeling you get when you meet someone famous??  You get star-struck! You spend time learning about a person, watching them, following them.  You get this feeling of excitement when you finally “see” them in person, right in front of you. 

I spent almost a year following Howard & Linda from RV-Dreams.  I found their blog when researching the RV life.  You see, I’m a dreamer.  I ALWAYS dream.  Always have my head in the clouds.  When my husband shot down my idea of traveling (by that I mean backpacking) through Europe I began to think about traveling around the US.  There were countless advertisements on my Facebook feed showing how to travel the US in just a few months.  Got me thinking…why not try that.

I’m a teacher.  I get the summers off.  Maybe convince my hubby to, somehow, get the summer off.

That’s when I came across RV-Dreams.  I found Howard’s journals and began reading about their journey.  I can recall staying up many nights well past 1 a.m. reading “just one more journal.”  I found myself crying, laughing, shaking my head, but most of all, I found myself relating to them.  It became an obsession.  For months I began researching and following others out there who travel full-time.  My nights were consumed with research and my days were clouded with dreams.  Could WE do it?  Could I find something to do on the road?  I had “tasted” the Kool-Aid

After months and months and months of research, I wanted to learn more.  RV-Dreams was holding an informational rally in the fall to help educate others’ on the possibility of taking life on the road.  What better way to learn more about the lifestyle than from people who have been doing just that for more than 12 years.  Since I had spent so much time reading about their life, of course I was excited when I finally met them.  To me, they were a celebrity   

We spent the week just learning the basics.   We learned everything from different rigs, to basic mechanics, to places to stay and even ideas on how to finance such an awesome life.    Most of all, we spent an entire week with like-minded individuals who all had the same goal:  experience life.  We joined a community of wonderful people.  Never have we felt more comfortable around a group of strangers – even Mike. We forged life-long friendships with amazing people

If you find yourself wondering or dreaming about doing the same thing – surround yourself with like-minded individuals.  They will help your vision come to light!

You, too, can drink the Kool-Aid!

RV Dreams Tennessee Rally 2017

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