And So It Begins – Purging

Selling the house went much quicker than either of us anticipated.  Deciding to list it with a realtor was the best decision we ever made (aside from traveling).  We signed a contract to list the house on Monday night, the realtor brought someone by Tuesday and presented us with an offer within hours. 


 A sign?? 

Yes it is.  Confirmation we are doing the right thing – on the right path.   

(or severally underpriced our home)

Let the purging begin.

I will say, this was the hardest part.  Though I was excited to start a new chapter, knowing we had to go through 17 years of “stuff” was going to be a monumental task.  Every time I got rid of one box, I swear 3 more appeared.  We spent weeks going through our possessions and making piles.  Things the kids wanted, things to store, things for friends/family, things to donate.  We chose not to have a garage sale or to list things online.  I had no desire to put in the additional work I knew it would take, so whatever did not go to the kids or storage, went to Goodwill.  Fifteen trips to be exact.  (I do regret not doing an Estate Sale – see “I’m Not Lost, I’m RVing”)

There were days I was giving myself a pep talk as I was walking down into the basement.  Telling myself I could do this!!!  I got this!!  Only to open the door, see the immense piles of stuff, and turn around and head right back up the stairs.

Be prepared to cry.  This was such an overwhelming task that there were days where I just wanted to sit and cry.  Going through a life-time of memories was difficult.  Constantly made me think of the kids and our grandkids…are we doing the right thing…should we be leaving them….will the grandkids remember us….what if something happens…

And the list goes on….

In the end, multiple people reminded me that our house will be on wheels.  If I miss them too much…we can come home.  If something happens…we can come home.  That’s the beauty of traveling…we can pick up and move any time we want.

So, how did we go through so much so fast?  We accepted an offer that wanted a 30 day closing.

That is the main reason why I didn’t go through the hassle of selling things.  I didn’t have the time or energy to tag, post, advertise, store, etc.  We had WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!!!  It needed to go and FAST.

Kids got the first pick.

Contractors got the second pick.

Rest went to Goodwill.


Did I mention we were renovating the house when we sold it….. 

Still amazes me that we sold a house while the tub and toilet were in boxes in the kitchen.

Meant to Be!!

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