One of the best aspects of RV life is the number of people you meet along the way.  When meeting new people, especially those who do not RV, an inevitable question is, “Where are you from?”

That naturally leads into the conversation about traveling full-time and living in our 5th wheel.  It’s amazing the looks we get – some are intrigued by the idea of roaming freely while others are shocked at the thought that we have gone outside the norm.

During a recent conversation a woman said to me, “What a great idea – it’s got to be so much cheaper living in an RV!”

I couldn’t help but chuckle because that is so far from the truth.

Now let me preference this by saying that everyone travels differently – everyone has different needs, desires and budgets.  The amount of money you spend while traveling as a full-timer will vary greatly. 

But – it did get me thinking – what a great article this would make LOL.

I figured I would do a side by side comparison so others can see as well:

Full-Time RVing ExpensesStick n’ Brick Expenses
Campgrounds – this cost can vary greatly – the longer you stay in one location – the cheaper the rent.Property Taxes
Utilities: Water – FREE Electric – if staying for a month – have to pay electric / nightly rates include electric Propane Cable / Internet Garbage – FREE  Utilities: Water Electric Gas Cable / Internet Garbage  
Cell PhoneCell Phone
Fuel – much higher due to diesel, distance we travel, and pulling an RVFuel
Insurance – car, RVInsurance – House, car
Registration – car, RVRegistration – car
Maintenance – car, RVMaintenance – House, car, yard
Health Insurance – this expense if far greater on the road since we have to carry independent coverageHealth Insurance
Site SeeingVacations
RV Expenses vs Traditional House Expenses

Most of these expenses are fixed, but there are a few that will vary. Everything is based on choices we make along the way.

We spend more in gas/diesel than we ever did living in a home and that was with 2 cars.  We also spend a great deal more site-seeing/eating out as well.  The insurance on our vehicle and RV are more now than they were when we lived in Illinois.  And, don’t even get me started on health insurance!

Despite living in an RV, we have all the same expenses and though some expenses are cheaper, we are finding others that are quite a bit more.

Living in an RV = Cheaper – not for us!

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