Exit Plan!

Have one.

What is an exit plan and why would I need one.

Living full-time on the road seems to be a dream for many.  How can it not be!

Dreaming of adventures – where to go – what to see – what to do —

No one ever wants to start dreaming of the end – that certainly is a buzz kill….

But, the reality is, everyone who decides they want to travel full-time needs to have an exit plan.  Everyone needs to know what they plan to do when the time comes to stop traveling – for whatever reason:  boredom, fatigue, financial, emergency.

What will you do?

Where will you go?

Will you stay in your RV?

If so, where?  Warmer climate?

Colder climate?  is your RV equipped for colder climates?

Will you sell the RV?

Buy a home/condo/townhouse?

Do I want the hassle of owning a home again?  Should I rent something?

These are all important questions that need to be discussed PRIOR to hitting the road.  Naturally the plan doesn’t have to be in depth because things change, nor do they need to be set in stone, but you need to have a plan – an idea of what the future will look like, IF…..

Our exit plan is still something I continually struggle with on a daily basis.

We always said we wanted to be in warmer climate – snow was something we only wanted to see on TV.  But all our grandchildren are up north.  Ditching the kids is easy, ditching the grandkids – not so much!!

Yes, technology allows us to “see” the kids as often as we want – but have you tried to FaceTime with a 2 year old.  Attention span is that of a fly!!!  Video calls just cannot take the place of being with them in person.

Yes, we can fly home to visit them.  But if we do that, how often?  Every 2-3 months?  Is that in the budget?  Will work allow such frequent travel?  Will we stay with the kids or get a hotel?  Is THAT is the budget?  Though I continually come back to this plan – is it really affordable?

Again, an exit plan does not have to be set in stone in the beginning.  It may evolve over time as our needs change.  Ours started out with finding an RV resort in Florida to park the RV so we can live in it.  Mike can always find work.  I can continue working remotely, or go back to teaching, or simply find something else I love to do.

In fact, I am writing this from sunny Florida and am contemplating changing our exit plan again since the weather is so beautiful…. decisions, decisions…

So, our exit plan.

Grandkids win!! 

Though I would love to be in sunny Florida enjoying the sun on my face, the sand in my toes and the salty air on my skin, being with our grandchildren often is what makes us smile daily. 

So, as of right now, November of 2019, our exit plan will be to head back up north to be closer to the grand-kids.

I sure hope our children are done having children – otherwise, how will we ever enjoy the warmer weather!!!

3 thoughts on “Exit Plan!”

  1. Like you, we are in the process of going full-time next year. Our grandkids are in another state, and we’ll actually be seeing them more than we do now! Our exit strategy is to “land” up where they live when we’re ready to be off the road.

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